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Minmetals Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ Minmetals Development” or “the company”) was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) on May 28, 1997. Achieving an annual revenue of over RMB 100 billion, Minmetals Development is China’s largest integrated steel trading and logistics services provider with its business covering different links of ferrous industrial chain such as metallurgical raw materials trade, steel trade, processing & distribution and logistics service. The company’s controlling shareholder is China Minmetals Corporation Limited and the de facto controller is China Minmetals Corporation. Ranking 228th among the Fortune Global 500 in 2011, China Minmetals Corporation occupied the 6th place among all metal enterprises in the world.


In recent years, complying with the national economic policies, based on its own strong integrated service capability and by virtue of China Minmetals Corporation’s social influence and international fame, Minmetals Development has carried out a series of operational activities with strategic significance both at home and abroad, thus making outstanding contributions to our national economic development and international economic cooperation. The Company will actively build up the value-added service system focusing on steel supply chain, provide the customers with complete solutions and strive to develop itself into a top-ranking international integrated steel trading and logistics services provider.

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